Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Beach Biker Bettys 2011 Calendars on Sale NOW!

Okay, so we have all seen typical motorcycle calendars with the high-priced swimsuit model who gets to lay naked over a bike that she has no idea how to ride.
Well if you are looking for a calendar that features "real" women who do ride their own bikes, the "Beach Biker Bettys 2011 Calendar is for you!
But not only is this calendar full of local Virginia Beach women riders...its designed to fulfill a bigger purpose...bringing awareness to the prevention of child abuse.
Regina Marscheider with Children's Performance Workshops, is the driving force behind this calendar. She has dedicated her life, and her husbands...to help fight and prevent child abuse. With her help, the city of Virginia Beach has put more than 170 sexual child abusers behind bars.
Her mission at Children's Performance Workshops is to improve the quality of life for children by reducing the threat of child abuse. Every penny of the sales of these calendars will go to help establish programs to help fight child abuse.
So if you were ever a child, a biker, a hot woman or a man who loves a hot woman biker...this is the calendar for you. The half-naked high-priced model who can't even ride a bike doesn't need your money...but the children do. Do your part to make their day safe and without fear...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Athena...one of our "ME" Motorcycle Elite!

My next "ME" I want to list is none other than one of the most famous names in the motorcycle industry, Athena Ransom, "Chickie" from Vagabond Choppers. When I first opened Diva Customs, I was out running errands one day when I got a call from my now husband, Jason. He asked when I was gonna be back at the shop because I had a visitor waiting for me; I told him that I had just finished up and was making my way back to the shop already. When I asked who the visitor was, thinking it was another sales person wanting me to buy something I didn't want, he calmly said "Athena". Athena?...like THE Athena? She is there now at my shop? Yep...well needless to say I kicked the speed up a little bit and made my way back to the shop as fast as I could. And there she stood, in my little shop in Virginia Beach, Va.

She had just finished to a TV special in New York and was in town visiting her mother. Well, Athena might not have known much about me, but I sure recognized her name. She opened Vagabond Chopper Company in Deerfield Beach Florida with her now husband, Don Ransom. Athena is a well accomplished bike builder, and I mean "builder". She doesn't just point her finger and tell someone to put something together for her...nope...if you stop in her shop you will probably find her standing beside a lift with a tool in her hand. She has even created her own parts line "Hearts" featuring several parts in the shape of a heart. She has donated countless "woman hours" in building bikes for charities along with being a business owner, wife and mother!

But my favorite side of Athena...she is one of the coolest women in the business. She is super friendly and never tires of answering questions about motorcycles or anything else you might want to talk about. So when you get a chance, look up Athena at www.VegabondChoppers.com or google her name...you will find tons of information about this special lady...my "Motorcycle Elite".

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mary Lou Plopper "ME" Motorcycle Elite

I have had someone submit a incredible woman rider for our next "ME" story. Meet our next "Motorcycle Elite" Mary Lou Plopper...here is her story.

Mary Lou Plopper from Virginia Beach. Mary Lou and her husband, Ken, were respiratory therapist at Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters. They loved to ride Ken's Goldwing trike. They attended the Gold Wing rally in Salem VA, in October 2008 with 4 other couples and had a wonderful time. On the way home Ken had a heart attack, crossed over two lanes of traffic,the median and into oncoming traffic. Their trike hit an SUV and burst into flames. They believe Ken died before they hit the SUV. Mary Lou was run over by either the trike or the SUV, they are not sure.

The doctors did not believe Mary Lou would make it. She required several surgeries and during this time they discovered cancer. While in the hospital several local chapters of the Christian Motorcyclist Association, in the Roanoke/Lynchburg area and other motorcycle groups rallied around Mary Lou, visiting her and praying for her.

When she was finally released to come back to Virginia Beach she went to a nursing home. She was suppose to be there for several weeks. But instead of several weeks she was only there a couple weeks. It has been very hard on Mary Lou emotionally but she always trusted God to get her through the loss of her husband and healing her body.

Mary Lou loved to ride. She had rode herself years ago. She was determined she was going to ride again. She purchased a Goldwing trike from a friend of her's - exactly the same color as Ken's bike. At last year's Goldwing rally in Salem, VA she took the trike class. She now rides with her CMA chapter the Beacons of Tidewater and the Goldwing riders.

Mary Lou has been an example to everyone that knows her. When most of us would have fallen apart and given up, she trust God and spoke only positive things. This lady LOVES to ride!!!

And I want to thank Nancy Stowell for sending me the picture and story on this wonderful lady..she is definitely one of our "Motorcycle Elite"!

If you know a "ME" don't hesitate to send me their story! And keep coming back, we have a lot more incredible women to feature!

Friday, January 29, 2010

"ME" Series...Check Out List of the "Motorcycle Elite"

I have decided to put together a list of what I call "ME"...the Motorcycle Elite! It is a list of women riders who have made a impact in the motorcycle industry. This series will include some of the most recognizable names in the industry; women who have stood strong in an industry dominated by men and left their feminine mark along the way. But its not just about celebrating those in the limelight...its about celebrating incredible women riders around the world.

So if you know a special woman rider that deserves to be on this list..please don't hesitate to send me their story!

First "ME" on the list: Charlena Beebee from Virginia Beach, VA.

Charlena Beebee is a local girl who is a Corman in the US Navy. She is an active member in her local HOG Association and and is the owner of an adorable Yellow Harley Davidson Heritage Softtail Trike. Charlena started out on a HD Sportster, but instantly fell in love with a pretty yellow trike she affectionately calls "Mello Yello". Charlena and her husband are true riders, never missing an opportunity to jump on their bikes and head out for the day. But here is the reason I picked Charlena for my "ME" Series...

Within a few weeks of coming home from a three month deployment, Charlena was called out again to assist her fellow sailors on the US Bataan...their destination? Haiti. I got a chance to see Charlena the night before her ship pulled out, she was exhausted from rushing around trying to get medical supplies for the earthquake victims in Haiti. But even though you could see the strain of the day in her eyes, she stood strong and proud. Even though she had never faced this kind of challenge before, I could see the determination on her face. My last words to her that night was that I was so proud of her, that she had more than medical skills to offer... she had a wonderful since of compassion. And one day she will remember that she made a difference to all those suffering.

Well, Charlena has been in Haiti since a few days after the earthquake. I got an e-mail from her the other day. I had a mixture of pride and sadness when I read it. She is overwhelmed with the pure tragedy she has witness. She is quickly running out of medical supplies and the overall devastation is more than she imagined. Her first days there were spent helping as many people as she could, going three days without sleep. Sleep did not offer much comfort her her either, she can still hear the cries when she closes her eyes. I said the only words I could say to her, you ARE making a difference and we are all so very proud of you.

So the first in the "ME" Series is Charlena Beebee. She is definitely one of our "Motorcycle Elite"

Again, if you would like to submit an incredible female rider for our "ME" Series..send me a story and a picture to Tami@DivaCustoms.com

Friday, January 22, 2010

End of the Season Clearance Sale!

Hey everybody...well its almost the end of winter and Diva Customs is having their big end of the season clearance sale. We have marked items up to 70% OFF! Yep...that's right...we need to make room for the new stuff coming in for the spring and that means that in-stock pants and jackets must go! Go to our website at http://www.divacustoms.com/diva_clothing_accessories.shtml to check out just some of the great items that we have on sale. Or just stop by and see all the great things Diva Customs has to for the avid rider! And don't worry guys...we have some things that might interest you too!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday Parade @ the Beach 2009

Here are some pictures from the Holiday Parade @ the Beach for 2009. I want to say a great big Thank You to the members of Tidewater HOG, they did the sweetest thing for me and I just wanted to let them all know how much I appreciate it. I had sent out over 200 e-mails notifying everyone about the Holiday Parade @ the Beach, Diva Customs does this event every year and have the best time doing it. Even though its pretty cold out, everyone who has ever done the parade says its one of the funnest things they have ever done. But even with 200 notices out, the day of the parade there was only me and my son lined up to represent Diva Customs. My heart was broken, I did not want to be a missing spot during the parade but just two people representing Diva Customs was kinda sad too.

So who came to my rescue? The great people from Tidewater HOG! They "donated" a few of their riders to help fill my group. Now, I am a member of Tidewater HOG, but I have to admit that I do not go to the meetings like I should...so for them to step up and see my problem and offer to take members from their group to help me...well..it choked me up. It was truly one on the nicest things anyone has done for me and want them to know how much I appreciate it and that I will not forget their kindness on that cold Sunday night.

So to all those from Tidewater HOG..."THANK YOU'!


Diva Customs

Monday, September 28, 2009

Hot Featured Item! Scorpion EXO-100

Check out our "Hot Featured Item"! Talk about an awesome helmet...this one has it all! Scorpion has released the EXO-100 helmet, this helmet is both DOT and Snell approved! It has an removable padded ear and neck curtain, inside this curtain you can install headphones! The greatest feature of this helmet is the Retractable Sun Visor! With one click you can drop a sun visor from within the helmet!!! Yep...you heard me right...the visor drops from inside the helmet! Okay, you might have to just stop by and see this one yourself! The helmet comes in multiple colors and designs. You also have a choice of different colored shields. Stop by Diva Customs and check out this awesome helmet! Or you can go to our website at http://www.divacustoms.com/ to see all the styles available.