Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Beach Biker Bettys 2011 Calendars on Sale NOW!

Okay, so we have all seen typical motorcycle calendars with the high-priced swimsuit model who gets to lay naked over a bike that she has no idea how to ride.
Well if you are looking for a calendar that features "real" women who do ride their own bikes, the "Beach Biker Bettys 2011 Calendar is for you!
But not only is this calendar full of local Virginia Beach women riders...its designed to fulfill a bigger purpose...bringing awareness to the prevention of child abuse.
Regina Marscheider with Children's Performance Workshops, is the driving force behind this calendar. She has dedicated her life, and her husbands...to help fight and prevent child abuse. With her help, the city of Virginia Beach has put more than 170 sexual child abusers behind bars.
Her mission at Children's Performance Workshops is to improve the quality of life for children by reducing the threat of child abuse. Every penny of the sales of these calendars will go to help establish programs to help fight child abuse.
So if you were ever a child, a biker, a hot woman or a man who loves a hot woman biker...this is the calendar for you. The half-naked high-priced model who can't even ride a bike doesn't need your money...but the children do. Do your part to make their day safe and without fear...

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